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Benefits of the DENIC Event Calendar Subscription:

DENIC is always striving to strengthen communication and interaction within the online community. With our event calendar subscription, we offer a seamless way to always be up-to-date with our events, webinars, and meetings. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Real-time updates: As soon as a new event is added or changes are made to existing events, your calendar is automatically updated.
  • Compatibility: Our calendar subscription works seamlessly with most popular calendar applications, both for desktop computers and mobile devices. This means you never have to switch apps or log into a website to check our offerings.
  • Reminder function: You can set individual reminders for each event, ensuring you never miss an important event.
  • Easy access: With just a few clicks, you can add the DENIC event calendar to your own calendar. This means less hassle for you and more time to focus on the events themselves.
  • Comprehensive information: Each calendar entry contains all the necessary details about the respective event, including date, time, location, and a brief description.
  • Eco-conscious: By using the digital calendar subscription, we reduce the need for physical brochures and flyers, conserving resources and reducing environmental impact.
  • Free of charge: The DENIC event calendar subscription is completely free for all members and interested parties. Stay informed and be a part of the dynamic DENIC community. Subscribe to the DENIC event calendar now!

The "webcal" protocol is used to subscribe to internet calendar services directly from applications like calendar software.

Subscribe to the DENIC Event Calendar.

How to subscribe?

Here are the steps to subscribe to the calendar from "webcal://" for various common calendar platforms: Instructions for subscribing to a calendar via "webcal://":

Copy the web address: Copy the URL "webcal://".

For Google Calendar:

  • a. Open Google Calendar in your web browser.
  • b. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select "Settings."
  • c. In the left column, select "Add calendar" and then "From URL".
  • d. Paste the copied "webcal" URL into the "Calendar URL" field.
  • e. Click on "Add calendar".

For Apple Calendar (Mac):

  • a. Open Apple Calendar.
  • b. In the menu, click on "File", then "New Calendar Subscription".
  • c. Paste the copied "webcal" URL into the field that appears and click on "Subscribe".
  • d. Adjust the settings as desired and click "OK".

For Microsoft Outlook:

  • a. Open Outlook and go to your calendar.
  • b. In the Home menu, select "Open Calendar" and then "From Internet".
  • c. Paste the copied "webcal" URL into the field.
  • d. Click "Yes" to add the calendar to your Outlook calendar.

For other calendar apps:

  • Many other calendar apps support subscribing to "webcal" links. The exact process may vary, but you'll typically find an option like "Subscribe to calendar" or "Add from URL". Paste the copied URL when prompted.

Note: A subscribed calendar is typically automatically updated when changes are made to the online calendar. The frequency of updates depends on the application in use and your settings.

We hope this guide helps you subscribe to the DENIC Event Calendar!

Subscribe to the DENIC Event Calendar.

Data protection notice:
If you subscribe to the calendar, your IP address will be transmitted to DENIC for technical reasons each time you call up the calendar. The data will not be evaluated or further processed. The legal basis is the consent according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a DS-GVO. You can revoke your consent with effect for the future by simply unsubscribing from the calendar.