35 Years .de

35 Years .de

A sustainable thanks from DENIC

Private individuals, organisations and associations, the sports club around the corner, the large trade union, the small business owner or freelancer and the international corporation – all of them rely on .de. The German country code for domains has been in existence since 1986, and from the small beginnings back then one of the largest domain endings in the world has emerged with now more than 17 million domains.

To learn more about the history of .de, from “on-call”-based domain  administration to an automated registration system and security features  such as DNSSEC and Registry Lock, go to the DENIC History.

Building Bridges from the Digital to the Real World

A tiny seed has grown into an imposing tree, with a wide crown and  deeply rooted in society. For this success, we want to say thank you! To  all our domain holders, large and small, in Germany and abroad, and to  our members and registrars and other partners who have made a  contribution. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of .de we want to  take up the allegory of the tree and are planting 10 x 35 English oaks  in the Hessenforst, a forest near Frankfurt. The English oak is a very robust species and a vital component of a healthy mixed forest. With this action, we are building a bridge from the diversity in the digital world under .de to the biodiversity in the real world.

The seedlings will be planted next spring. But there will be more: The DENIC forest will continue to grow. Wait and see!