A Nice Cuppa for Security Enhancement

A Nice Cuppa for Security Enhancement

Germany and England sharing best practices

Marius Gabler, member of the DENIC InfoSec Team visited the British registry Nominet in Oxford and spent two weeks at their offices.

Marius Gabler, InfoSec Team DENIC eG

At DENIC, the German registry for .de domains, Marius main fields of work are identity & access management, auditing of any type and technical tasks related to information security. He is very committed to his work, which, last but not least, is shown by his involvement in the Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC). Here, he currently represents DENIC. Recently, he had the opportunity to spend two weeks within the framework of an ISAC exchange program at Nominet, the counterpart of DENIC in England, and to learn about the solutions they apply for a wide range of issues related to security. Nominet is the registry that is responsible for the operation and administration of the Top Level Domain .uk.

"The Nominet crew welcomed me with open arms," says Marius. "Almost all facets of information security were covered: Security management, operational security, security engineering and security architecture. Special IT security topics such as threat hunting and domain abuse were also discussed. We also looked at business processes that are not directly related to security but are nevertheless affected in some way – such as network design, data science and Nominet's emergency management. All in all, I got a comprehensive idea of the Nominet TLD registry. And I am impressed – by the concepts themselves, but also by the competent and friendly team."

Back in Frankfurt, Marius uses the knowledge he has gained to look at information security at DENIC from a new angle. The trustful exchange between the two registries gives valuable impetus to reach an even higher security level.

Marius has certainly broadened his horizon – and not just in the area of information security. "I now also know exactly how to make the perfect cup of English tea," he says with a laugh.