DENIC General Assembly: Review and Outlook for the Future

DENIC General Assembly: Review and Outlook for the Future

The recently held General Assembly of DENIC, the central registry of all domains with the German ending .de, offered an important platform for discussing the future of internet management in Germany. Members of the DENIC Cooperative and the DENIC Executive Board came together at the meeting. DENIC reported about the progress and innovations of the past year, and strategies for further development were explored.

Review of the Last Year

The General Assembly started with a look back on 2023, putting a focus on the topics of stability and security. Andreas Musielak, member of the DENIC Executive Board, presented the latest figures on performance and availability of the domain infrastructure, which has proven highly reliable despite ever more demanding requirements as a result of the digitisation. .de is an anchor of stability with continued growth, even in 2023, and is thus defying the general trend: the majority of the top 10 TLDs recorded a decline in domains under management in 2023.

Report on Data Protection and NIS 2 Workshops

A central point of discussion at the General Assembly was the adjustment of DENIC's data privacy guidelines to the strict German and EU laws. The German registry has further optimised its processes to ensure that they comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). DENIC also reported about the results achieved in workshops on the NIS 2 Directive, it had organised to address their implementation at DENIC.

Introduction of the New DENIC Claim and Major Developments

Thomas Keller, member of the DENIC Executive Board, presented the new DENIC claim ".de for a responsible internet" and emphasised the importance of assuming responsibility for the internet community. He pointed out significant developments in the fields of policy and security and underlined the necessity of continuous further enhancement to meet the growing requirements.

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